Term Rate APR
30 Yr Fixed 4.125% 4.202%
15 Yr Fixed 3.125% 3.258%
10 Yr Fixed 2.875% 3.173%
AMR Lending made the experience of buying our first home amazing by making the loan process, painless and easy. Great people and professional. Teri Klein Lake in the Hills, IllinoisTeri Klein - Lake in the Hills, Illinois
AMR Lending came to us with a plan to secure a loan to refinance our first mortgage on one of our properties and now we are on third refinance of our last property. Trustworthy and follows through, that is AMR Lending.Rich and Claudette Ori
I needed a trustworthy lending company and AMR Lending made my experience of my refinance so easy I just love telling everyone!!Dixie Jirak
When I found the home I wanted, AMR Lending helped me secure the right financing. AMR helped me through the process of the mortgage from start to finish, no worries just a very easy process and company who took care of me. Very professional and helpful. -Joan Krenz

Mortgage Rates Commodity or Not

When you searching for a home where does the process start? Is everyone just searching for a rate or a relationship with your real estate agent or mortgage broker? In today’s market place with so many choices online with companies like Bankrate.com, Zillow.com, Lending Tree and others, getting the right mortgage rate is what today’s [continue]

Illinois Mortgage Rates Could Rise if Freddie and Fannie Close

Over the last few months there has been a lot of discussion in the Congress and Senate in doing away with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac mortgage program and privatizing all mortgages with private investors. The idea is to lessen the tax burden on tax payers, if we have another banking collapse like the one [continue]

Open Immediately – Refinance Letter

Open Immediately, you have been pre-approved based on where you live, the likely hood of you having good credit, a good payment history and you need more cash out of your house. The idea here is to be a little tongue and cheek but you get the idea of where I am going with this [continue]

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